Saturday, May 28, 2011


Testing out mobile blogging on my Droid.

I've missed you, dear blog, but an opportunity to chill in front of the computer for the 20 minutes it takes to draft a post does not seem possible in my near future.  So, I compromise.

Thankful for the Droid's full Qwerty keyboard, but still miss typing with all my fingers. The pic upload is better than full Blogger.

I'm chillin' in the car with the sleeping babies and the dog while Jason and Aunty Ru explore Waitsburg.


Anonymous said...

Have fun with Heather!

Sarah Tuttle-Singer. Yes, That's My Real Name. (Hi Dad.) said...

look at those pictures!

very cute...

and thanks to you, i just downloaded blogger for android, too :) woohoo!

heathre said...

love the mobile blogging! so much fun seeing you guys this weekend. miss you already!