Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I read a post on Girl's Gone Child and commented:

"Now I want to cry because in your pictures [of her son] I saw my little baby getting bigger and leaving pre-school, though she's only 9 mos.  I keep saying to myself, adamantly, "I'm not ready for this!" (this being her getting older), as though by saying so, often enough, it will stop her growing.

Though, I don't actually want to stop her growing - watching her become a little person has been amazing.

This parenting gig, it's a tough one."

I am sensing a theme to my view on parenting.  And an uncanny ability to state the obvious.

But look - she started out here -

Just kidding!  Here - 

And just a short 9 months later is now here - 


I am not ready for this!


Hilleri said...

I am right there with ya Cora!
As wonderful is it is to see them grow I can't help but want time go a little slower :)
Ailie is cruzin about the furniture and saying words. It is crazy to think where we both were last summer pregnant and retaining water (at least I was!).

sunnywave said...

soooo hearing you!!!...xoxoxo love and hugs!!!

amandaw said...

My baby boy is 10 (almost 11)!!!!! I can't believe he is so old. It only goes faster as they get older. My only regret is I wish I held them both more, and snuggled, soon they won't let me:)

Nanimal said...

holy shot that howard quote is amazing.

I am sorry I had chris contact you about not being able to come out to your house. I was ... I am goig to send a big e-mail