Sunday, July 11, 2010

9 Months?!?

Actually, I keep thinking she's 10 months.  Already, I'm forcing her to grow up too quickly!

The kid is still awesome.  Even though there are moments that I wish someone else would magically show up and step in for me, you know, until she was over her grumpiness.  Or to change yet another yucky diaper.  Or until it's 6:30 am.  Aggie's internal alarm clock somehow got set to 5 am.  Occasionally, she'll hang out in bed until 5:45 am.  And she still doesn't sleep through the night.  So that 5 am comes mighty early.

BUT, the girl finally likes swimming!  I have my water baby!  This is very important to me, that she loves swimming.  As a girl, I LOVED swimming - I'd stay all day in the pool, if I could, mainly playing my underwater make-believe games.  I swore I was a dolphin in a past life.  I spent last summer dreaming of taking her to the pool in town.  After our first trip a couple weeks ago, I was a little worried  because it didn't go well, but I chalked it up to the super cold water and waited a couple weeks for it to warm up.  Both the water and the baby warmed up and we had a great time this weekend.  We went TWICE!  After our first trip, I thanked her for making my dream come true.  And now I'll have someone to play with after Jason wimps out and leaves the water after a measly 15 minutes.

So, I have a confession to make - sometimes, when Aggie is screaming her head-off, I laugh at her.  Out loud, no attempt to hide it.  She just gets so worked up and dramatic over seemingly nothing.  It's just so overblown, that I laugh.  To clarify, though, if she's crying because she's hurt or scared, I don't find it funny.  But, I'm starting to feel badly about laughing because, obviously, Aggie has feelings and she's justified in having those feelings.  I don't want to belittle her.  Maybe if I laugh inwardly?  Or, will that teach her to take herself too seriously?  Sheesh, this parenting gig is tough.

P.S. Still no crawling.  I am appreciating it, every time I leave her and come back to find her in the exact spot I left her.

Pic of the month - The Secret Club


Hilleri said...

Enjoy the non crawling phase. Sam and I are worn out chasing after Ailie. I have a feeling that Ailie will skip walking and so straight to running.
Love the pic of the month :)

sunnywave said...

awk! love the pic of the month. :)
can't believe how fast she's growing. hugs to you!!! and so happy to celebrate the water fun has begun!!

amandaw said...

We gotta find out that secret handshake! I know they are talking about me:) Yeah water babies! xo

Nanimal said...

wonderful, and I laugh at my kids still. It's a thing I just cannot help... we talk about it, they laugh too, it's genetic