Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy & Grateful: The Thread

So, the computer with the camera is downstairs and it's way too cold to hang out downstairs, so I'm posting old school (aka, the written word).

I was inspired by this post HERE by Tattooed Yarn about things she wants to be able to remember about the here and now a year from now. She had a great list and inspired me to write one as well.

- I am grateful for the view from my window - a town covered in snow, the snow gently falling, Bella snuggling in a blanket and Hugo spazzing out with a toy - and the knowledge that I get to sit here all day.

- I am grateful for my job, that I have job security, that I've gotten two raises and two bonuses this year, that I have a team of co-workers that I adore and knowing that the work we do makes a real difference.

- I am grateful for my spouse and that we, over the past year, found our friendship again and that we are now the best of friends who have built a great life together.

- I am grateful for all my friends who fill me with love and laughter.

- I want to remember the chest pains I experienced shoveling snow yesterday because I am so out of shape - at age 31.

- I want this to be the deepest I am ever in debt - about $20,000 in credit card debt - and end next year as close to $0 as possible (and how much pain that figure causes me each time I think about it).

Happy holidays, everyone!


Nanimal said...

oooh. girll I hear you on the debt. The pain.
thanks for the shout out. lol.

btw your man has the BEST taste in jewlery...EVER. seriously. I live in the necklace he got me and we haven't taken the CD out of rotation yet that he made. I need to post some pics of my in my fave accessory.

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