Friday, October 24, 2008

My O Face

In which I implore you to vote. Repeatedly.


heathre said...

ooooooooooooobama!!! i voted last week but appreciated your lecture anyway. love you and can't wait to see you SOON!

Nanimal said...

so crazy that you all voted already. tomorrow I get in a big long line with my children to vote. oooh that reminds me to put play-doh in my bag for the boys and any other annoying crazed out kids that will be there. I lioke voting with the kids and connor is CRAZY about Obama. he gets to stay up late tomorrow night to watch the numbers come in. yay raising up my activist

amandaw said...

You are so entertaining...and inspiring, two of my favorite compliments to give. You are looking hot, especially when you did the taco tongue.

I'm making my O face right now. I love the mail in vote. I love it when efficiency matches my laziness.